Why Choose Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate Controlled Storage Units maintain a steady temperature of 55-80 degrees using central air conditioning and heat which helps prevent:

  1. PESTS: Substantially reduces worries about pests (such as wasps, mice, termites and other vermin), temperature damage or corrosion.
  2. WOOD DAMAGE: Gives added protection from wood damage caused by extreme temperatures. (Freezing and thawing causes wood and metal to expand and contract, resulting in warping, weakening, splitting, and cracking.)
  3. FABRIC DAMAGE: Helps prevent degradation (such as yellowing) of leather, fabric and clothing caused by exposure to heat, cold and the elements.
  4. MOLD/MILDEW DAMAGE: Reduces mold and mildew stains on papers and fabrics caused by fungus-friendly temperatures.
  5. METAL DAMAGE: Minimizes rust, corrosion and weakening of metal which has been exposed to moisture, as well as very hot and very low temperatures.
  6. ELECTRONICS DAMAGE: Prevents damage to electronics (such as a tv, computer, etc.) due to dampness or extreme cold.
  7. AUDIO/IMAGE DAMAGE: Reduces warping of items, as well as fading and degradation of sound and image quality.

Climate-controlled storage units are typically part of a finished building with indirect heating and cooling (compared to air conditioners or heaters within individual units). The enclosed environment of these buildings can also provide increased protection from dust, dirt and flooding.

The following is a list of items commonly stored in climate-controlled storage for best preservation:

Home Goods Equipment
  • Leather or wood furniture
  • Antiques & heirlooms
  • Clothing
  • Furs
  • Craft supplies
  • Plastics
  • Food stuffs
  • Paintings & other fine art
  • Photographs
  • Musical instruments
  • Media such as DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, tapes, etc.
  • Cameras
  • Television & stereos
  • Computers & Computer Parts
  • Video equipment
  • Audio equipment
  • Tools & machines
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Construction supplies
  • Business items
  • Products & supplies
  • Software videos, DVDs &CDs
  • Pharmaceutical samples & Medical supplies
  • Archival documents, tax files, & other paperwork
  • Seasonal inventory